Group visits are medical appointments in which multiple patients are seen simultaneously by Dr. Ohri and a functional medicine certified health coach in a supportive group setting. The focus is upon the actual delivery of health education. However, group visits also bring a great deal of help and support of the health coach into each patient’s healthcare experience.

Research has shown that group visits improve patient satisfaction, quality of care, quality of life, decrease emergency room and specialist visits. Group visits have proven to be an effective way to improve patient’s dietary compliance and intermediate markers for diabetes and Riversidery artery disease.

Additional Benefits of Group Visits include:

  • Patient care experience, patient satisfaction
  • Increased access to care
  • Cost effectiveness of care
  • Improved quality and safety
  • Social support and encouragement

Group visits allow patients to teach one another self-care and disease management tips and tricks. This social connection helps create an additional support network for patients to begin and sustain behavior change.

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Dr. Sameer Ohri, MD

Founder and CEO

With fluency in both English and Punjabi, Dr. Ohri can communicate with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Patients of Dr. Ohri commend his warm and compassionate bedside manner, as well as his ability to educate them on managing and preventing chronic conditions. Dr. Ohri is currently accepting new patients and welcomes them to the clinic.

Dr. Ohri double-majored in his undergraduate studies, earning a bachelor’s degree in both medicine and surgery from the Christian Medical College in Ludhiana, India. He went on to receive his medical degree from the same institution before relocating to the United States for his required residency training.

Carla Moss

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Carla Moss has been a certified health coach since 2012. She received her health coach training and certification from The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. Carla is also a graduate of The Kresser Institute’s ADAPT Functional Health Coach Training Program, and also received training and certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and hold specialty certifications in Hormone Health and Emotional Eating Psychology.